Mats Nordwall builds very high quality steel-stringed guitars as well as folk music instruments such as mandolins, mandolas and citterns.

Inspired by Irish, American and Swedish folk music, he tries to build his instruments so that they are particularly suitable for this type of music. The instruments must be easy to play and bright, but still with a clear center in the tone. The instruments must also maintain the highest level of appearance and playing technique.

In 2006, Mats Nordwall received both a journeyman’s certificate and a bachelor’s degree in guitar construction after 3 years of training at Carl Malmstensskolan in Stockholm.

He works full time repairing and building instruments. In the summer of 2012, his new fine workshop for instrument construction was completed out on the beautiful island of Ingmarsö in the Stockholm archipelago.

Mark of Timbre Folk and Baroque in Berkeley is his only North American distributer of instruments including 5 course Mahogany citterns like the one shown below, 12- string guitars and 5-course mandolins.